Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre-Trip Post!

Hello Family & Friends :)
This is my first post to try out the blog and see how it works. I am currently in the library trying to figure out all of the things I have to get finished before I leave, and this was one of the more fun (non-academic, obviously!) things I needed to do. Today, we have our second to last class for the India group and we are learning about Indian spirituality and customs... the do's and don'ts of being a tourist if you will. I did my project on Buddhism, as we will be visiting temples and sacred Buddhist spots in India. We also had an Indian exchange student come to class to teach us a little Hindi. Although, she said it wasn't necessary for us to learn because pretty much everyone speaks English over there. Here are a few of the important words she taught us:
Thank you - shukriya
Please - krubaya
Sorry - mafkijiye
Hello - namaskar
Goodbye - alviva
Goodnight - shubaratri
What is the Price? - kitne me diya
Yes - ha
No - nahi
Tiger - bagh
Monkey - bander
Elephant - hathi
Bear - balu
Deer - hiran
Snake - saap
Cobra - naag
Bird - panchi
Cow - guy
Dog - kutta
After class I am making my first (of most likely many) walmart trips to gather last minute items, good thing I got some birthday money! I am going to be posting pictures during my trip so I will post one now of a Buddhist sculpture in India for practice. Below that is our detailed itinerary. That's all for now, t-minus 7 days!!


  1. Looks good excited to follow

  2. I'm adding you to my 'daily reads'. I look forward to catching up on your adventures every morning! Traveling mercies. love ya.

  3. Maria, Good luck and safe travels. I'm looking forward to following your journey. Lorraine

  4. Hope you have a safe journey. I look forwarding to reading your post. Amelia

  5. Wow! Mia - you are going to need to stay an extra week to write in your blog!

  6. You did a good job of taking us along on your initial Indian experiences!
    I give you an "A' for content.
    Have fun