Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 7 - Pokhara to Kathmandu to Delhi

There isn't too much news today because we spent the whole day traveling. The weather in the Himalayas was not very good though, so we spent lots of time waiting for the airports to open. It was nice because it gave us time to go to one last sight... the largest Buddhist monastery in Nepal! It was so freaking cool. The way they painted and decorated it so intricately was mesmerizing. This trip has definitely opened my eyes to other religions and shown me how much the human race depends on spiritual thinking. I got to witness a monk doing puja, the meditation, and I got to do a little meditating of my own. I will try to upload pictures of it!
The flights were very interesting. We were on small, rickety planes and the turbulence was horrible. At one point there were many people crying and we thought we were goners. It was so scary, but I guess these pilots are used to it? Or that's at least what I told myself. The second plane ride was cancelled too so we waited for a long time in Kathmandu's airport. Georgia and I tried to teach some girls how to play euchre.. it wasn't too successful. The security was super strict and we had to go through five times. They told us after we landed that the plane had been previously highjacked and that was why... gee, how comforting.
So now I am in Delhi and it is midnight, we have a 3:30am wakeup call with our last plane ride for a while! I am excited to get back to the jungle though, it's more of my place verses the sight seeing. I won't have internet for about six days in the two lodges we are staying at, do don't worry when you don't hear from me!
Sunday is also Holi Festival.. if you have time, look it up on google. It's going to probably be the highlight of my non-nature part of the trip. The rest of our group joined us tonight too, so we went from 11 to 20. It's a little chaotic, so we will see how it goes! Here are some more pictures of random things, Enjoy!
LOVE YOU xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

picture perfect

this little guy is just for you bundie

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  1. Dearest Maria,
    Holi Festival takes place during the full moon (which Dad says that March's moon is the biggest in 20 years!) which is Sunday-again I will be looking at it thinking of you. I suggest if anyone offers you a libation of "bhang"-you decline-let's just say it sounds like something your brothers & cousin would be drinking!! Perhaps your camera may be in danger during this, did you take your smaller camera as you may want to use that so nothing happens to your new one. Can't wait to experience this thru your eyes.
    Happy Holi Love you Mom